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"We design solenoids
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needs or we will
modify our standard products to your requirements."

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DC Solenoids

DC Solenoid 3in. Dia. x 7in. 80W 35 lb. force
Model 4062-Data Sheet 9

DC Explosion Proof 3in Dia.x 7in 80W 35 lb. force
Model 4061-Data Sheet 10

DC Push/Pull Solenoid 4in Dia x 5.25in 95W 60 lb
Model 4019-Data Sheet 11

DC Tubular Solenoid .750 in Dia.x1.5 in 15W
Model 4630-Data Sheet 18

DC Tubular Solenoid 1.00 in Dia.x1.5 in 20W
Model 4260-Data Sheet 17

DC Tubular Solenoid 1.50 in Dia x 2.25 in. 30W
Model 4330-Data Sheet 15

DC Tubular Solenoid 2.00 in. Dia x 3.00 in 40W
Model 4430-Data Sheet 16

DC Tubular Solenoid 3.00 in. x 6.00 in. 80W
Model 4530-Data Sheet 19

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