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DC Explosion Proof 3in Dia.x 7in 80W 35 lb. force (Model 4061-Data Sheet 10)

Explosion Proof Solenoid

 Model 4061


Force output: 35 pounds with .50 inch stroke or 50 pounds with .25 inch stroke

Power used: 85 watts

Voltage: Any DC voltage, 120 and 230 VDC standard

Coil resistance: 170 Ohms for 120 VDC

Ambient operating temperature: 140 Deg. F

For use in Class I, Div. 1 and 2

Group A, B, C, D hazardous (classified)
locations requiring Factory Mutual Resource Approval.

This solenoid generates a 35 pound push over a length of .5 inches with its stainless steel push rod with a power consumption of only 85 watts. The unit is totally enclosed to protect the operating parts from difficult environments. The device can be ordered for use with any DC voltage and will operate satisfactorily on AC 60 HZ through the use of only a full wave rectifying bridge. The coil is constructed with class H insulation rated for long life at 200 Deg. C.


This type of solenoid is typically used to operate valves, lock or open gates, operate braking mechanisms and similar operations required by industrial machinery.

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