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Peter Runton
Peter Runton

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Molded Coils

Molded Coils

Runton Engineering, Inc. makes a wide range of molded coils, everything from .25" in diameter to over 4". Each customer's requirement is usually different so we design the part and the molds to order.

The moulding material is a glass filled polyester resin which thermosets when heated to 350 deg. F. It is manufactured by IDI Caribe under their number 44-DR-3A and it is fungus resistant per MIL-STD-454N.

The material is designed to be used for low and medium production quantities as a protection for electrical devices such as coils against harsh environments experienced in industrial use. It is applied by hand to the coil and then placed in a heated mold which gives it the proper shape. Usually little additional labor is required to finish the part.

The process does not compete in cost with injection molded parts but if low volume and low tooling costs are a measure, this process is the way to go.

Depending on the outer shape of the part, tooling is quite inexpensive, usually running less than $1,000. Tooling is usually delivered within 2 weeks and the molded coils a week later. Of course, this all depends on the part shape, etc.

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